[QR Code] UN, It’s Your World

19 Jun


1. This is for UN website(

UN Newscenter2.This is for UN News Center website (

Bam kimoon&Obama

Bam kimoon&Obama

3. This is for “President Obama Meets with UN Seceretary General Ban Ki moon” video clip (



4. This is for  education field in UNESCO web site (

UNESCO Education doc.

UNESCO Education doc.

5. This is for UNESCO Education document (



6. This is for UNESCO Korea (


<Lesson Plan With QR Code>

1. Topic : UN, It’s Your World

1. Skill : Reading / Listening

2. Level : Advanced / High School Students & Adult

3. Objective :  Students will be able to explore UN related Web sites and know what they do for the world.

4. How to use : A teacher can use these QR codes to let students know what the UN is and what related fields are. First, have students visit the UN web site via QR code and look trough each category. Then, bring one of the articles in UN Newscenter for reading material and use it as a classroom lesson. In classroom,  use the edited version of the article to manage the limited time. After the lesson, let student refer to  the UN Newscenter via QR code and read the original version of the article. Next period, let them them listen to the youtube video which includes talk between Obama and Ban kimoon. Use this video as a listening activity material. Fianlly, introduce one of the branch of the UN, which is UNESCO, to students and let them find what fields they are specialized in and give an assigmnet to read the journal  thoroughly via QR codes.

★ I worked on QR Code with Amy

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[Collaborative Writing] Google form_Do you like coffee?

19 Jun
Do you like coffee?

Do you like coffee?

→ Click the image

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<Lesson Plan With Google Form>

1. Topic : Do you like coffee?

1. Skill : Reading Skill

2. Level : All level / Adults

3. Objective :  Students will be able to fill out the form.

4. How to use : This is for enhancing reading skill. Students can freely response to the questions in the forms and answer their preference to coffee. Also, teacher can use the table of their various responses which are collected from students and make it pie charts or graphs in order students to analyze and explain the statistics in English.

[Google Form Questions]



1. Do you like coffee?

2. How often do you drink coffee in a day?

3. How would you like coffee?

4. What other things do you want to add in the coffee?

5. If you do not like coffee, what kinds of drinks do you like most?

6. Which coffee shop do you like to go most?

7. What would you usually like to order?

8. What do you think of the price of  franchise coffee shops?

9. Leave a message to Claire & Amy.

★ I worked on Google Form with Amy

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[Collaborative Writing] Bombay TV_Where is my potato pizza?

9 Jun
Where is my potato pizza?

Where is my potato pizza?

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<Lesson Plan With Bombay TV>

1. Topic : Where is my potato pizza?

1. Skill : Reading Skill

2. Level : Intermediate / Middle School Students

3. Objective :  Students will be able to read the subtitle and understand past tense verb forms.

4. How to use : This is for enhancing reading skill. Because the subtitles usually use past tense verb forms, students can notice the verb forms through the subtitles. Also, this can be used for inferring what will happen next, which can connect future tense.

a. Pre-Listening :  Introduce bombay tv and make students guess what is happening now in one video without serve tile.

b. While-Listening : 

1. Write down past-tenses verbs in the video and let students teach regular/irregular past tense verb forms.

2.Let them watch it again, write vocabulary that they might have difficulty in understanding on the board and teach them.

3.Let them answer the guide questions for general & specific information.

[Guided Questions]

1. What are they talking about?

2. Why are the man angry?

3. What did she eat?

4. What did she do yesterday?

5. If you were a man, what would you do next?

c. Post-Listening : Make students write a summary about the bombay tv by using past tense verbs.

★ I worked on BombayTV with Woojong

★ Link : Woojong  []


[Collaborative Writing] Reach Your Goal at SKKU!

3 Jun


→ Click the image

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Reach Your Goal

This poster describes the person who wants to get a higher position with this TESOL Certificate Program.

First of all, the main reason that we choose this image is that the woman who is jumping to the sky goes well with the slogan, “Reach Your Goal”.  Also, the colors of the background in this image are harmonious with the SKKU logo.

We imported the most important information from this TESOL program such as when to apply or start the second semester or the schedules for each different  class.

At the right bottom, we added the TESOL office address and online address including twitter to the image.

If you want to “reach your goal” , come and feel it, then you can get it!

TESOL at SKKU will go with you! 

★ I worked on poster with Janice and Hayoung.

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Hayoung []


Word Clouds World~!!

26 May

Journal #1 

★ Top 5 Words From My Journal #1.

1. STUDENTS (synonym by people : learners / synonym by Claire :  people who are eager to study as well as to sleep)

2. CLASS (synonym by people : course, course of study/ synonym by Claire :  the precious experience that I miss now)

3. ENGLISH (synonym by people :  the official language of Britain and the United States and most of the commonwealth countries/ synonym by Claire: Language that Korean are crazy for)

4. LEARNING (synonym by people : acquisition / synonym by Claire : things that has no end!)

5. SKILLS (synonym by people : ability / synonym by Claire : accomplishment of something)

Journal #2

Journal #2

★ Top 5 Words From My Journal #2.

1. LANGUAGE (synonym by people : speech / synonym by Claire :  one of my interest)

2. COMPREHENSION (synonym by people : understanding / synonym by Claire :  key word of Krashen)

3. FORM (synonym by people :  shape or pattern / synonym by Claire: All about language for me!)

4. PHOBIA (synonym by people :  anxiety disorder / synonym by Claire : fear for elevator)

5. BOOK (synonym by people : reading materials / synonym by Claire : teacher of wisdom)

Journal #3

Journal #3

★ Top 5 Words From My Journal #3. ★

1. ACTIVITIES (synonym by people : operation or action / synonym by Claire :  one element of  teaching)

2. SPEAKING (synonym by people : talking / synonym by Claire : the least confident thing for me in English )

3. TEACHER (synonym by people :  instructor / synonym by Claire: my previous job)

4. KOREAN (synonym by people :  people who have Korea nationality/ synonym by Claire : people of passion & feelings)

5. TEST (synonym by people : exam / synonym by Claire : disgusting thing)

Journal #4

Journal #4

★ Top 5 Words From My Journal #4. ★

1. LISTENING (synonym by people : hear with purpose / synonym by Claire :  the second least confident thing for me among 4 skills)

2. INPUT (synonym by people : stimulation / synonym by Claire : effort to get something)

3. OUTPUT (synonym by people : end product / synonym by Claire: result from effort)

4. NEWS (synonym by people :  information about recent events / synonym by Claire : unexpected things)

5. WORDS  (synonym by people :  a language unit / synonym by Claire : things that should be carefully used)


[Reading Activity] GoAnimate_WANTED: THIS GUY WHO…

25 May


Wanted: The guy who...

Wanted: The guy who…

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<Lesson Plan With GoAnimate>

1. Topic : Wanted: This guy who…

1. Skill : Listening Skill

2. Level : Intermediate / High school students & Adult

3. Objective :  Students will be able to find specific information and describe the guy who is wanted for murder.

4. How to use : This is for enhancing listening skill. Because students can watch and listen to the animated video, it can make them engaged in their learning interestingly. Also, they can listen to it repeatedly, they can find specific description of the wanted guy. It could be appropriate for in-class activity and after the listening, group works should be followed.

a. Pre-Listening :  Introduce latest news in real situation and let them express what they feel about the news.

b. While-Listening : 

1. Let them watch/listen to the animated video and speak what the two people are talking about.

2.Let them watch/listen to it again, write vocabulary that they might have difficulty in understanding on the board and teach them.

3.Let them watch/listen to it again, answer the guide questions to describe the murderer more specifically.

[Guided Questions]

-Why is the guy wanted?

-Doe he have blond hair or black hair?

-How tall is he?

-Was he wearing glasses or a hat?

-Does he have a mustache or a beard?

– How old is he?

c. Post-Listening : Make students draw a picture of him from the gathered information in the listening in a group of four.

★ I worked on GoAnimate with Amy.

★ Link : Amy []


[Reading Activity] Toondoo_How Can I Escape From The Forest?

25 May


→ Click the Image

<Lesson Plan With Toondoo>

1. Topic : How Can I Escape From the Forest?

1. Skill : Reading Skill

2. Level : Intermediate / Middle School Students

3. Objective :  Students will be able to make a story about what they should do to escape the forest by using certain vocabulary and auxiliary verbs such as ‘may’ , ‘could’ or ‘should’ etc.

4. How to use : This is for enhancing reading skill. Students can infer the situation and what he should do next with some stuffs in the cartoon. They can learn vocabulary such as ‘bread’ or ‘mirror’ through the cartoon and also use auxiliary verbs that they’ve learned in the previous lesson, describing the next situation.

a. Pre-Reading :  Make students guess what is happening without giving texts in each section in the cartoon.

b. While-Reading : 

1. Let students read the cartoon with overall texts in each section and speak what is happening.

2. Let them know vocabulary that is described in the cartoon by giving additional fill-in-the-blank work sheet.

c. Post-Reading : With a group, make students discuss what he should do to escape the forest by using the vocabulary of 4 in the cartoon and auxiliary verbs that they have already learned in the previous lesson. After that, let them write a story about this.


★ I worked on Toondoo with Amy.

★ Link : Amy []



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